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Poker Game

Over the past few years there has been gradual growth in the popularity of poker. However, since the World Series of Poker and other such events started gaining international TV coverage, there has been an explosion in the popularity of poker.
We have done some extensive research regarding both multiplayer poker, mainly surrounding Texas holdem poker and Video Poker. We have gather a load of information on both forms of the game and will try to teach you everything we possibly can about these games. The categories of information we have are:

– Beginner Texas Holdem
– Intermediate Texas Holdem (still coming)
– Advanced Texas Holdem (still coming)
– Expert Texas Holdem (still coming)

Poker GameThere are many poker rooms to play on the net, but these are the best… hands down. Regular Video Poker strategy: these will cover many varieties of the game and strategies for all of them. It is in the making, so keep an eye out for this one.

Depending on what variation of poker you play, there is quite a bit of strategy and knowledge needed to beat your opponents. As with any form of gambling luck also plays a part however.

There are two main categories of poker that are very popular. First you will find video poker which has been around for quite a number of years in many regular casinos. Secondly you will find multiplayer poker, which is played where the players play against each other, not against the casino.

The huge boom in the poker world has been largely around multiplayer poker with the most popular version being Texas Holdem Poker and Omaha Poker.

There are basic hands that you can get in Poker to produce different winning hands. I have listed these from the most important and highest hand to the lowest possible winning hand. All these hands are however not applicable to every Poker game around.

Poker Time

I would therefore like to suggest that when you start playing a particular version of Poker online that you first read through the help files and make sure of which hands you can win on.

The hands on which you can win are:

Royal Flush

This is the highest hand in standard Poker and consists of the following cards: A K Q J 10 all of the same suit.

Straight Flush

This is a combination of five sequential cards all of the same suit.

Four of a Kind

This is a combination of four of the same cards.

Full House

There are here cards of one denomination and two another cards of another denomination.


Five cards all of the same suit.


Five cards in sequence of any suit.

Three of a Kind

Three cards of the same denomination and two unmatched cards.

Two Pairs

Two different pairs and any fifth card.

A Pair

Two cards of the same denomination
The best thing you can do to familiarize yourself with Poker online is to play as a guest player first and then to play for real money should you wish to do so.