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Blackjack Game

Blackjack – it’s a game connected with huge casino scams, many of which have taken the form of totally legal card counting teams. However, the fame of blackjack has made it one of the globe’s most popular online casino games, among both pro and recreational gamers. The good news is that blackjack is a game that can be played strategically, even by the most novice of casino gamers – so check it out and get gaming.

Blackjack – the basics

Blackjack is commonly known as ’21’ – because it’s based all around that magic numbers. In fact, the number 21 is blackjack itself, when you match a 10 with an Ace. If you can form a blackjack, then the best the dealer can do is void the round, by also hitting blackjack. However, in all other instances, your aim is to simply form a hand as close to the pinnacle number as you can – without exceeding 21 (which busts your hand!)

  • The dealer deals 2 cards to the player and themselves
  • The player analyzes the cards:
    • Stand – you’re happy with your combo, and ready to ace the dealer’s hand
    • Hit – request another card to build a higher value combo

Advanced blackjack bets

You can take blackjack to new levels of excitement and of course dealer crushing power, by activating the game’s feature bets – the split, double down and insurance options:

Double betting: After the deal, analyze your combo. Does it look hot if you draw one more card? If so, double down, get ready for another card and stand with a bet twice the size of your original bet!

Split wagering: Another way to crush the dealer with twice the bet first, is splitting – although this time you’re left with two separate hands. Wow – two chances to make the dealer pay!

Insurance bets: Ready to win when the dealer does? The click double down as soon as the dealer looks like forming blackjack. Yep – they win and you get a reward for your correct prediction!

Blackjack tips

The best blackjack tip in the world would be – jet out to Las Vegas and learn cad counting from a true pro or play Rubyfortune casino online! However, that’s a fantasy for most gamers, and if you play blackjack online, the power of card counting may be diluted. The best option for online gamers is to use simple strategic options, such as the effective blackjack double down theory, detailed below:

Double down scenarios:

  • The casino has a 4, 5 or 6 and your 2 cards = 10 or 11
  • The dealer card is 3, 4, or 6 and you hold an Ace and numbered card

No double scenarios:

  • The face-up dealer card is a 10 or a face

Winning at Blackjack

There does not exist a secret component for winning at the game of blackjack. But there is a collection of concepts that must be understood by the player together with preparation and sound money management certainly helps. Rules are the basics for further development, do not neglect this part.

Become familiar with the odds. Knowledge of the blackjack odds will guide you in choosing the correct blackjack table. Learn the basic strategy. Memorize the strategy card before proceeding any further. Practice your card counting. Card counting is hard. Misuse of the system can get you into big trouble. Make sure you are familiar with your counting system and do a lot of practicing before attempting the real thing at the casino. Manage your money wisely, this is a strategy that is suitable for any form of gambling. Most mistakes start here for beginner players. Remember, you are working hard for your money, use it wisely. You can never learn enough. Always try to expand your knowledge and stay up to date with the latest happenings in the blackjack world. Understanding strategies will give you the necessary tools for success at the casino. Reading books and participating in the forum, is a good way to start.