Bluffing While Playing Online Poker

Bluffing in online poker is not as easy as they make it look on televised poker tournaments. It is actually really hard to pull off a decent bluff. What they do not stress enough is how very important bluffing really is in any poker tournament, whether it is online or in an actual casino. Believe it or not the art of bluffing actually takes a good while to master. Just because you think you have bluffing down does not mean you are good at bluffing, it is those people that claim to know all about bluffing and when to bluff that are really terrible at it. So to pull some good pointers when it comes to bluffing in online poker start with these essential facts:

-Bluffs tend to work really well on a tighter table and really doomed to failure at a looser online poker table.

-In low limit games there is no point what so ever in bluffing. For $1 or $2 table, more than likely someone will call you on the bluff.

-In a game of online weak players are harder to bluff than strong players. Weak players just cannot stand not knowing what you have in your hand and will usually call you on your bluff. Unless a strong player has strong cards, they will not call you on it.

-When there is a big stack of chips in play do not bluff, repeat do not bluff. It is really better to bluff when there is a small stack of chips rather than large, because then they are protecting the chips and may chicken out when someone dares to challenge them.

-Also when there are more people at a table that are trying to bluff, there are less chances of it working to your advantage. As a player your goal is to get everyone to fold.

-Always bluff in a later position. If everyone before you is calling or folding, it is then a perfect time to buy the pot.

-You can bluff with a weak hand by making a bet that will give you a better position later on in the tournament.

Bluffing While Playing Online PokerWhat is good is to know that bluffing is a fraud without really being considered cheating. Bluffing is good form of basic manipulation and deception at an online poker table. A good player can use bluffing to their advantage by stealing pots and positions without any of the players being any the wiser. Always remember though bluffing works even better when no one suspects it of you. Sometimes the only chance you have at winning a hand is going up against weak players at a table; otherwise you have to really fight for what is yours.

Bluffing can get you a long ways as long as you do not make a reputation for yourself as being a big bluffer at a table. This can turn things for the worse, and no one will call your bluff with that kind of reputation because they will always catch you in it. So making bluffs when no one even suspects this of you is the best way to go when bluffing at online poker.